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JOB HUNTERS:: Don't Get Greedy!

From time to time I interview candidates that indicate that they do not want to accept the first offer they receive.

While I’ll be the first to admit that there is nothing wrong with exploring various options, I do recommend to candidates that they know in advance the amount the next employer needs to offer them for them to accept the offer. I then counsel them that if the first offer they receive is one that meets their requirement, then they should accept the offer.

However, I also realize that there are times when an individual may have received an offer while still interviewing with other firms. In this instance I advise the candidates we represent to communicate to the firm that is extending an offer that they are in discussion with other firms. I then recommend that they advise the firm that will be extending them an offer that they will have their final decision within 48 hours of receipt of an offer. I’m fully aware that not all firms will appreciate this response, but firms that operate with sound business principles will appreciate the honesty.

At that point I advise the candidate who will be receiving an offer to advise the other firms they have been interviewing with that they are anticipating receiving an offer, and will have their decision within 48 hours of receiving an offer.

At this point if the competing firms are interested in the candidate, they will speed up the process and promptly extend an offer.

If they do not respond, then they are subtly communicating that they had no intention of extending an offer.

The point here is to know what your requirement is, and once it is offered to pounce on the opportunity. From then on your job is to demonstrate by your performance that your new employer has made a wise choice.

In conclusion, don’t get greedy, know what your requirement is, and once it is offered be ready to move forward with your life.

Wes Burwell is the Founder and President of Precision Placements, Inc. an Executive Search Firm located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He has been in the Executive Search business for twenty-seven years, and is available for speaking engagements and career advisement, and interview training.

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